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What is this site?

Welcome to the personal website of Drew Diller, a former web developer and aspiring composites fabricator.

Why should you hire me?

Right now, you probably shouldn't. I'm knee deep in developing a custom bike frame fabrication business.

I aim to educate my clients on what they are paying me for. My auto mechanic does the same thing, and I've never left their shop feeling mystified or ripped off.

I've been told a few times that I am "too honest", which has on one occasion resulted in me missing an opportunity to earn money - upon telling one prospective client that in their case, a custom website would be less effective than simply posting something on craigslist. It helps me sleep at night.

I am okay with taking unusual approaches to solving a problem.

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  • I am fluent in CSS and often give counsel toward that end, for both fun and profit.
  • I am very experienced with Internet Explorer display bugs. Peekaboo, AlphaImageLoader, Zoom, Doubled-margin, Z-index and DirectX filter issues: chances are, if it exists, I've seen it, learned about it, and know how to fix it (or offer alternatives).
  • I write JS from scratch with confidence.
  • I have used and familiarized myself with, for varying lengths of time and on several projects, the Prototype JS library, jQuery, and Yahoo's User Interface library.
  • My first professional environment was at Internet Broadcasting which lasted for five years, and was a generally positive experience. I then spent a year with Godengo. I spent two years with RedBrick Health and parted with them amicably in order to pursue my passion of building custom bicycles for a living.

Experiments / Free Software:


People I like:

I like:

  • Riding bikes
  • Fixing bikes
  • Making bikes out of composite materials (bamboo and carbon fiber - no kidding!)
  • Camping
  • Gaming